Can I buy and sell my house at the same time?

Does buying and selling a home with your family at the same time stress you out? 

Are you wondering how it works and if this is an option for your family?

In this blog I will give you a quick simple breakdown of how to get started. These 5 steps will ease the stress and get you into your dream home so that you can skip to the good part, DECORATING.  Stick around till the end of the video and I will give you a bonus tip on how to make sure you don’t end up homeless right before the big move.

Make Sure You Are Financially Prepared To Move

You need to figure out the value of your current home and speak with a lender to discuss what you can afford. Think am I comfortable with this payment for the next 3 to 5 years? This will be your springboard to the next 4 steps. Now on to.

Prepare your current home to sell

This one freaks most people out the most.  And I know  ya’’all are thinking I forgot to mention that you have to find a replacement property but I haven’t. It’s just not step number two . you need to begin prepping  your current home- This is a critical element of the process. You do not want to forget this or push it aside and do it later because it will cause you stress and remember we are trying to eliminate stress.. So what does it mean to prep your home for a sale? Think paint, decluttering depersonalization, possible small repairs …We’ll talk about how to repair your home for sale in another video.


Now You're Ready For Your Home Search, create a list of wants versus needs

Do you need to be within a certain school district? Or do you want to be? Do you need to have a walk-in closet? Or is this a want? Once you have come up with this list… review it over the next few weeks and cross off and add anything that comes to mind. It’s a great tool to have when you begin previewing homes.

So you found the perfect home, and you're ready to make an offer

So let’s go. You’re excited but wait hold on.. this is a big one. You need to make sure that your offer is contingent upon the sale of your home. So what does it mean to be contingent?  it’s a real estate term for depending upon circumstance. So basically you’re saying you’re offering to purchase a home based upon the sale of your current home. Pretty easy so far right? it really is that easy, of course you’re going to have to list the home you’re selling and make sure that it sells in the time frame agreed upon in the contract.


Listing your current home

You need to get your home on the market as soon as possible hence the reason for preparing your home in step 2. This will release a mass amount of stress once you have found your new dream home. Make sure that your listing inclined a sale is contingent upon finding a replacement property. This means the sale is dependent on you finding a replacement property. There are lots of details in between each step that we can go over in another video.

Sell your home while you're still living in it!

Are you looking to sell your house? Will you be living in it while it’s on the market?

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