Can I buy and sell my house at the same time?

Does buying and selling a home with your family at the same time stress you out? Are you wondering how it works and if this is an option for your family? In this blog I will give you a quick simple breakdown of how to get started. These 5 steps will ease the stress and get you into your dream home so that you can skip to the good part, DECORATING.  Stick around till...

Sell your home while you’re still living in it!

Are you looking to sell you house? Will you be living in it while it's on the market? If you are feeling overwhelmed with where to start and how your family will continue to live a semi-normal life once your house is listed. Don't be! In this blog, we will discuss my 10 best tricks for getting your house ready to sell so that you can attract those buyers and get top $...

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