Pros and Cons of living in Monterey County

Are you looking to purchase a home in Monterey County? Here are a few Pros and Cons of living in Santa Clara County.


Hi, I’m Lacey Deverick, and today we’re going to talk about the pros and cons of living in Monterey County, so let’s jump right in and discuss some of the amazing reasons why Monterey County is one of my favorites. Monterey County spans roughly 4,000 square miles. and is home to both the beautiful Big Sur coastline and rich agricultural farmland.

Pro Number One Monterey County has a place for everyone. A place to hike, a place to surf, a place to play golf, a place to taste wine, a place to shop Monterey County has all the places. With historical roots tied to Lobos, Steinbeck country, and cannery row, Monterey County’s small town comforts all your needs. Situated about an hour from Silicon Valley, Monterey County has many of the amenities larger cities have but is significantly less populated.

If you’re looking for something fresh, Monterey County is perfect. We have fresh air, fresh seafood, and fresh fruits and vegetables readily available and locally sourced. The Salinas Valley is considered the salad bowl capital of the world. They are abundant wineries with a variety of grapes, grown both along the Big Sur coastline and up into the rolling hills.

If you love the outdoors, Monterey County is a hub for all things outdoors, including ocean activities and impeccable hiking and biking trails. With a variety of state and county parks to visit, your weekends will be filled. Monterey County is also an excellent choice for exploring local breweries, restaurants, and retail shops. With several indoor and outdoor malls, the county has both high-end fashion and department stores.

When it comes to the weather, Monterey County averages a steady 70° with foggy mornings and the occasional chilly night. The only negative I can see Here, the wind isn’t too bad until you get into the mountains or valleys.

So let’s discuss some of the cons of Monterey County. Job opportunities in Monterey County are limited; agriculture and hospitality are definitely the majority. although there are some tech companies that have moved into the area. Many people who work in these industries commute or work remotely. The average annual income of a Monterey County resident is $30,000 in comparison to Santa Clara County, which is $50,000, which is the average cost of a home in Monterey County. is roughly 830,000, which is almost $500,000 less than the neighboring counties. This is largely due to the size of Monterey County, but we won’t go too deep into these details.

Monterey County is spread out; there is no central downtown or area that houses large events. So if you’re looking to move into a community that has sporting events, concerts, etc., Monterey County is lacking.

Monterey County does have an airport, but it has limited flight availability, so most people are inclined to go to San Jose or San Francisco when making international travel plans. Picture this: you could play a round of golf at Pebble Beach, take a quick drive for some lunch and wine tasting in the warm Carmel Valley, and end your evening listening to the waves crash while at home setting down. The pros of Monterey County far outweigh any cons I can come up with. But you’ll have to come check it out for yourself.


And when you do, feel free to reach out to me. I’m Lacey Deverick with Lacey Deverick Ld Homes powered by Windemere. Offices and agents are located in Santa Clara County, Santa Cruz County, and, of course, Monterey County. We have all your real estate needs covered. Thank you for watching and checking out some of my other videos where I go over individual neighborhoods in Monterey County.


Pros and Cons of Santa Clara County

Are you considering purchasing a home in Santa Clara County? Here are a few Pros and Cons of living in Santa Clara County.

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