Sell your home while you’re still living in it!

Are you looking to sell you house? 
Will you be living in it while it’s on the market?

If you are feeling overwhelmed with where to start and how your family will continue to live a semi-normal life once your house is listed. Don’t be! In this blog, we will discuss my 10 best tricks for getting your house ready to sell so that you can attract those buyers and get top $ for your property.

Tip Number #1

Declutter starts by eliminating items that you don’t use every day. Have a box for donation readily available and if you haven’t touched it in six months consider donating it. Moving can be a fresh start and this can be really fun if you get the whole family involved.

Try buying your kids a set of wicker baskets and have them place their most used must-haves in the baskets everything else can be packed and taken to the new home.

Tip Number #2

Get your family together and deep clean the house or hire a house cleaner to come in and do a deep clean. Make sure you have the de-cluttered prior to doing this.

Tip Number #3

Depersonalize your home. Take down any family photos specific artwork or collections such as sports memorabilia, crafts, and figurines. You want your buyer to see themselves in the house.

Tip Number #4

Put away personal items including medication, personal hygiene items, bath or beauty products.  This tip will protect your personal privacy too.


Tip Number #5

Walk around your house and remove any furniture items that are not necessary or appear overly large for the space. You want your house to fell open and fresh.

Tip Number #6

This tip can be slightly more costly but consider getting your home painted fresh paint in a neutral color is a great way to add value to your home. It gets rid of all those little fingerprints on the walls and scuff marks that happen over time. If this is out of your budget wipe the walls and cabinet down. Try using a magic eraser is a great way to eliminate scuffs on baseboards too.

Tip Number #7

Have your windows professionally cleaned or clean them yourself it will allow for maximum light to enter the home. This will also help when photographing your home prior to listing.

Tip Number #8

Replace any  lightbulbs that are dull or burnt out. If you have outdated light fixtures consider replacing them with more modern ones. Home Depot and Lowe’s have great selections that are cost-effective.

Tip Number #9

We’re onto the exterior so make sure you are maintaining your landscape. Give plants and grass a good fertilizing. weed around plants and don’t forget to water them appropriately let’s face it dying plants are not appealing.

Tip Number #10

Add fresh mulch around bordering plants this is an easy cheap tip that will create a fresh first impression.

Bonus Tip

Replace or paint your old address numbers., find something that matches the architecture of your house but it is modern I would suggest looking at front gate for ideas on address plaques.

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